View Browsing History on kid’s cell phone

Parental control app makes you aware of your kid’s browsing habits. You can manage too many browsers tabs on the target mobile device and get to know about recently visited websites and URLs. SecureKin can do deep dives into cell phone browsing history and let parents protect kids from accessing adult and inappropriate websites on their cellphone.

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Why is browsing history best for kid’s monitoring?

Browsing history keeps track of the frequency of your kid visited websites with exact dates and times. Moreover, it manages to record how much time your child has spent on a particular website. It provides you complete access to the cell phone browsers, and you can get to know what your child has searched on the web. It also provides the details, check-in, and checkout on certain websites. You can use the browsing history tracker to control the kid’s browsing activities, and deal with it using other features of secureKin like web filter, activity report, and keylogger.

Is it necessary to monitor a kid’s browsing history?

Internet browsing history unveils everything about your child's interests. The online world is a wild beast, and cellphones have become X-rated theaters, PlayStations, the hub of disinformation, and epicenters of online predators. Therefore, parents need to set parental control on their kid’s browsing activities. SecureKin enables parents to track browsers on their kid’s cellphones to monitor browsing history with the schedule. It helps parents protect kids from the following:

Adult sites

Online gambling,

Online dating

Cyber bullying


How to monitor your kid’s mobile browser?

Parents can get to know what kids and teens are doing on their cell phone browsers. You can watch websites your kids love to visit frequently, and you can get the URL of the website using the browsing history feature. SecureKin enables parents to access browsers on android and iPhone devices. You can see what kind of websites your child has visited. It helps parents to protect kids from explicit sites, gaming, cyberbullies, and from stalkers online. You can download the application on your phone and then on your kid’s device and sign up to get the job done.

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The voice of Securekin users

Secure is the best app that protects kids' online activities by monitoring their browsing history.

Jessica Griffin

I like this monitoring application because it allows me to see my child's internet history secretly and even spy on all social media.

Carmen Holland

Trust me; it works as a great app. I tried many times to see my kid's mobile usage history that helped to protect from adult content.

Nick Henderson

I have a great experience with Securekin that help me in kids' online safety.

Pamela Hill

Such a fantastic app helps check my daughter's mobile activities, including their latest internet watch history.