Track the location history of your kids

Location history enables parents to know where kids have been and where they are by tracking their cellphone location virtually on the Map using securekin Parental control. It allows parents to view recently visited places with schedule and with accuracy. Parents can protect kids from dangerous zones, and you can guide your child what areas are safe for them. Protect your kids from predators in surroundings and convicted sex offenders.

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Make sure kid’s safety – location history tracker point out the hidden whereabouts of your kids

You can have a virtual watch on your kids during the time they are outside the home. Location history protects your child not to indulge in any adventure. It consistently tracks your child and lets you know about recently visited places and whereabouts where they love to spend time with their friends. It unveils the routes of your kids while hanging out with peers, and you can guide your kids where to go and from where to avoid. It provides you the schedule of each visited place virtually on the map.

What is secureKin location history logging feature?

Parents can trace the places where kids used to visit frequently with friends throughout the week. You can get know your kids are obeying you about the approved and disapproved places, and find out with secureKin location history tracking feature.

How location history helps parents?

In the United States, more than 460,000 kids go missing every year, and it is due to many reasons. Don’t let your child encounter predators, kidnappers, and child abusers. SecureKin location history tracking is capable of telling you the truth that your child is telling a lie about his whereabouts. No more lying and get complete whereabouts info, and watch location history when child crossing redline.

Track kid location history’s

Get pinpoint the location of visited places

See compete address of kid’s location

Protect kids from sex-offenders

Prevent child kidnapping

Is Web filter works on Android & iPhones?

Yes, securekin supports android and iOS phones, and you can filter the web browsers of your kid’s phones. It means that parents can set parental control on their child’s mobile device and get to know what they are doing on web browsers. Further, filter the content that is not age-appropriate for kids in cyberspace. Users can select the category of the website, like social media, porn, gaming, violence, and dozens of others, and filter them on the target phone browser.

View Your Kids Location History.

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With Securekin you can find out the location history of your children.

Janet Henderson

It is fantastic to track my child secretly and know their location for their safety. With location history, we come to know their latest visited areas secretly.

Philip Wade

I install this app in the hope of keeping track of my child's location and make sure their all movements. It works incredibly and fulfills all their promises regarding the app.

Kathryn Stanley

I am happy to look at my kid's activities secretly and know where they are moving in real-time. I had a great experience with this app. You should also try this.

Eugene Wade

It is the perfect application to check your kid's locations and help to be well aware of their all movements. I had a great experience regarding my kid's protection.