Web filtering is a piece of technology that prevents your kids not to view particular URLs or websites on their phone browsers. It stops cellphone browsers from loading certain websites and web pages.

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Why is Web filter necessary?

For the concerned parents and educational institutes who want kids to use the internet safely a web filter comes in handy. The monitoring and filtering of digital devices provided to kids are necessary these days. Young kids at home and school could encounter undesirable and inappropriate content on phones, tablet devices. SecureKin parental control has a feature that filters inappropriate websites and potentially risky content. Young kids are social media addicts, and they visit Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and others on mobile browsers. Parents can block websites by choosing the categories like social media, porn, violence, gaming, and many more. You can filter any website at any point in time to make sure kid’s online safety.

How can parents use Web filters to safeguard kids?

Cell phone browsers enable kids to access X-rated websites. They visit social media sites, online dating apps, gambling, porn, and many more. They may encounter online predators and get familiar with strangers. The online vulnerabilities could harm your kids by visiting different kinds of websites on their mobile devices. Parents are worried about the online activities of kids on phone browsers. They can filter every website that is dangerous and explicit for kids. SecureKin has the best web filtering tool to prevent kids from inappropriate content.

Protect kids from online predators

Prevent teens to use dating sites

Unable kids to access porn

Safeguard from social media obsession

Secure your kids from violent content

What can you do with Web Filter Feature?

SecureKin has advanced technology that enables users to filter websites and webpages on cellphone browsers of their kids.

  • It monitors the cell phone browsers of Android & iOS devices
  • Filter the websites consists of adult content
  • Filter social media sites on target phone browsers
  • Protect your kids from inappropriate & undesirable content
  • Chose the category of websites to filter them on cellphone

It is one of the best features of mobile parental control software. Parents can make sure that kids are watching and accessing appropriate content on digital devices.

Do Web filter works on Android & iPhones?

Yes, securekin supports android and iOS phones, and you can filter the web browsers of your kid’s phones. It means that parents can set parental control on a mobile device and know what they are doing on web browsers. Further, filter the content that is not age-appropriate for kids in cyberspace. Users can select the category of the website, like social media, porn, gaming, violence, and dozens of others, and filter them on the target phone browser.

Kids are up to inappropriate content!

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What our users have to say?

Protect our kid’s online activities by Securekin web filter app.

Beatrice Cunningham

A great app helps you to protect children from inappropriate content on the internet.

Chris Reynolds

I am surprised to use this feature that allows you to block any unwanted website that does not allow your children.

George James

It is beneficial for you if your child is watching inappropriate content on the internet. Secure allows you to block from your kid's device.

Matthew Patel

Secure gives me peace of mind regarding my kid's digital devices. Its web filter features inform me of what's running on my kid's phone.