Activity report monitors Apps usage on cellphone

The activity report feature provides the information to know every activity that happens on a cellphone desktop application. It records the time duration on a particular app and how many times kids have used the application.

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What is activity Report feature?

It provides the activity logs of apps installed on a kid’s mobile device. It is privy to keeps you updated about the usage of a particular application in a specific duration of time. It counts how many times your child has accessed an application. It provides a complete timestamp that your child has spent time on a particular app. Parents can get to know how much time kids have spent on messaging apps, gaming, and every application available on a cellphone.

How is the Activity Report Feature helpful?

The activity report is the details about the usage of every app active on a cellphone device. Securekin empowers you to know about when an application has launched or closed. You can see how many times your child has open and close particular mobile applications. You can monitor the date range, starting and ending times of an application on a mobile device. It tells you about those applications that kids love to use dozens of times 24/7. Parents can get to know if their child is visiting inappropriate applications on the cellphone.

None of the applications remain privy on your child’s phone if you are using the activity report feature on kid’s mobile phone

Why do parents need to use activity reports on kid’s phones?

The digital world is nasty, and your kids can become addicted to cell phone applications. The usage of mobile applications increases screen time. Parents can use secureKin to deal with the increase of screen time. Parents can get activity reports about every application used on mobile devices. Users can use mobile parental control to check how much time a child has spent on an application. How many times the does app launch in a day? It also records when kids have used applications and what time closed the apps on a mobile device.

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Monitor the activity report of dating apps

Record time spent on an application

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Do you get activity reports of Android & iPhones?

Yes, securekin parental control is the best tool to watch kid’s cell phone devices. It is compatible with Android and iPhones. Parents can track and supervise every application on the mobile device with a time stamp. It unveils the interest of your kids in specific applications. You will get to know about those applications that your kids recently have installed. You can track the daily activities of your child by timeline. Parents get to know about the apps that cause obsession in kids. The time duration spent on specific applications makes you curious about the applications. You can filter those apps using the web filter feature.

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What our Customers Say

We find out the activity report of our children with the use of Securekin.

Amber Rivera

The activity report is my favorite feature of Securekin that helps me find my kid's all mobile activity.

Louisa Stanley

It is the best choice for all insecure parents regarding smartphones. Parents can secretly detect all activities of their children that are perform on their mobiles.

Jose Reyes

I used it to see what my child was doing on their smartphones. It gives me the best results regarding their mobile activities.

Carol Hawkins

I am a working mother also have kids' safety concerns. But thanks to Securekin that control my all worries regarding my child's and their digital safety.