Screen-time is a feature that enables you to record and see those applications on the cellphones that your child uses the most. It records the complete time frame of apps usage from start to end. It will help you to understand what your kids do on the phone screen.

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What is screen time Feature of a parental control app?

Securekin mobile parental control is one of the best mobile parental controls that empower you to supervise the screen time of your kids. The feature is capable of recording the use of apps alongside the time spent. It measures every second your child has spent on web browsers, social media apps, other apps and the time frame your child has given to cell phone screen. It discovers what type of apps your kids more likely to waste their energy and how much time they have spent on every app installed on the mobile.

Is it possible to manage the screen time of your child??

Yes, it is possible with the parental control software to manage kid’s screen-time. Securekin is the best mobile application that enables you to know which apps they use the most. It unveils the time usage on every app on the phone. You can watch and check the app usage screen –time. It provides you hourly, daily, and weekly screen-time of a cellphone. It is one of the best tools to take your kids under supervision to prevent them from excessive screen-time.

Why is excessive screen time dangerous for kids?

Young kids are obsessed with cell phones and tablet devices. They spend at least 2 hours a day on mobile screens and more likely to have emotional, social, behavioral, and attention problems. Almost 95% of kids have access to smartphones, and they spend valuable time on the cellphone screen. Parents are worried about the excessive screen time of kids. They want to control their time on the phone’s screen. Parents can make kids get rid of digital devices during mealtime, family fun, and bedtime. SecureKin has the best feature to keep an eye on kids when they are up to on the mobile screen 24/7.



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How can parents control kid’s screen time on digital devices?

Are you worried about your kid’s excessive use of cellphone? Well, you don’t need to worry because secureKin mobile parental control has powerful features to keep an eye on kid’s cell phone activities. Parents can manage the screen time of kids on cell phones. The parental monitoring application has a feature screen time that allows what kids are doing. It empowers you to record kid’s spent time on a mobile screen. It makes you manage to see particular apps kids frequently using on their phones. It records time spent on every app that is present on mobile devices. Parents can measure the time spent on social media apps, instant messengers, gaming, and many more.

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Secure allows you to check the time limit of your child on their mobile device automatically.

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I am using a screen time app for developing my kid's healthy digital habits. Fortunately, I feel fantastic about using it.

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Love this software with screen time that allows me to control child smartphone and tablets. You can decide how long Time is spending your kid on their mobile.

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I like the aspect of setting the screen limit for my kids for their online protection.