Monitor Keystrokes on your Childs Phone

Keylogger is one of the best features of a secureKin parental control app that syncs every keystroke your child has used on the cell phone keypad. It can track keywords and phrases your child has typed on messages, chat, browsers, and social networks. Parents can monitor communication, browsing history, and many other activities on a child's cellphone.

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Be a watchdog on your kid’s cell phone keypad & monitor what keywords & phrases they type while texting, browsing, and chatting.

Without physical presence e on your child’s phone, it is impossible about your kid’s cell phone password. Moreover, you cannot view what kids are doing on a mobile screen and what they are doing on cell phone browsers and social networks. SecureKin keylogger is a tech-wizard that helps parents to monitor every action of their child in cyberspace. You can monitor keystrokes of visited websites, social media conversations, passwords, email, and many more.

Why should parents use a keylogger on kid’s phones?

The parental control app has the best keylogger feature that allows you to track underage kids. It monitors every keystroke made on the target phone. Track keystrokes of messaging apps, view the web history, read messages, and check installed inappropriate applications and block them with an app blocker. Remotely keeps a check on your kids’ activities on mobile devices using securekin key logging. Parents can get rid of safety concerns when kids are talking to strangers online.

Protect kids chat with online predators

Read messages on phones

Monitor social networks passwords

View & block installed apps

Monitor browsing history

How can parents use a keylogger on their kid’s cellphones?

You need to perform few steps and download secureKin application on your cell phone, and then on your kid's device. You need to create parents and child accounts and activate the key logger feature to get keystrokes.

View Your Kids keylog

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What parents say about keyloggers?

Our users are delighted with the keylogger feature of Securekin.

Michelle Ortiz

It helps me to make sure of kids what they are typing on their smartphones. I appreciate this app for its working power and secret monitoring.

Elizabeth Richards

With this, I can track my kids all typing on their smartphones and learn their password chats and all others. I am delighted with the use of it.

Rachel Hawkins

This app is the best way to monitor kids' key loggers secretly and be well aware of what they are doing on their cell phones.

Louisa Fuller

Now no worry, regarding kids using digital gadgets like mobile and they perform activities. This monitoring application allows you to track their devices and find online activities.