What are online Predators?

Certain types of behaviors online consider against the law, and people who adopt unlawful behaviors are known as online predators. An online predator is a person that is tech-savvy and uses the internet to harm minors for the sake of sexual activity. Moreover, they also trap young kids to abuse them. Online predators are also known as sex-offenders under the Florida state law who try to contact minors to gain sexual motives.

Suppose a person who is 40 years old, but trying to pretend as a teenager online and interact with teens in chat rooms, messaging apps, social networks and try to groom young teens online. They could ask teens to show their sexually suggestive images, videos, and photos after having a couple of conversations. Their actual motive is to catch, trap and meet teens in person for sexual activity.

Types of Online Predators that every parent need to know

Here are the following types of online predators that parents should know about them to safeguard kids to the fullest


Keep your child safe from online stalkers that track your kids to harass haram or threaten.


The risk of child sexual abuse is high using the smartphone, so secure child against sex offenders.

Child abusers

Make sure your child is safe from the child abuser and any online heart.

Cyber bullies

Protect your kid's life from online threats or harassment. It break your child mentally and emotionally.

Top Forms of online predators that can harm your kids and teens online and as well as in real life. They start meeting young kids and teens online via social networks, chat rooms, and other mediums.

Do you Know more than 50000 thousand online predators’ active every day on the web? Young kids ages 12 to 15 are more likely to be groomed or get trapped by adults online. Almost 50% of the victims of online predators are tweens.

What should parents do to protect kids from online predators?

Manual efforts are not worthy anymore for the safety of teens from online predators. Do you know why? Teens are tech-savvy and love to spend hours, and hours on text messages, social messaging apps. Therefore, download and install SecureKin parental control software on kids’ cell phone devices to keep tabs on teens’ cell phone activities. It enables parents to protect teens from online predators and send timely activity reports to parents.

What SecureKin does?

You can download the parental monitoring app on your phone. Users will discover the real-time location and location history of your teen. Moreover, you can get activity reports and filter the web to the fullest. Users can measure screen-time, block inappropriate apps for dating, and monitor browser history.
Securekin can do the magic for you and keeps you updated all the time to protect teens from online predators to the fullest. You can keep preventing online interactions of your teens with strangers, child groomers, and with sex-offenders. It enables parents to dig out all the parenting loopholes.