Do You Know?

Why secureKin came up with the location tracker feature?

It is all about parents who worry too much about kids' hidden whereabouts and start searching for them every second day when a child goes outside or coming late from school. Location tracker performs a hell of responsibility and lets parents get rid of parental worries.

Parenting has many challenges, but GPS tracking enables parents to keep a watchful eye on their kids. It is radio-navigation technology attached to the satellites. You can install it on your cell phone devices using the parental control application securekin to track every movement of the children in real-time.

What are location tracker objectives?

Securekin parental tracking software has plenty of features and numerous advantages. There are five advantages parents can get using live location tracking on kids’ mobiles.

These are the best solutions of secureKin location tracking feature to safeguard kids to the fullest. You can download the parental control application on a kid’s phone to keep an eye on their location in real-time. Apart from tracking the real-time location of a kid’s phone, parents can use all of its features to capture screens, filter websites, screen recording, browsing history, and app block.

Location tracker feature can track your kids anywhere in the world

It makes sure that your child is not adopting negative paths in their life

Parents can keep an eye on kids at crowdie places like malls, and Fairs

You can check kids have reached school or hanging out with peers

Top threats due to lack of location tracking supervision on kids

Here are the following threats and dangers a child could face if parents use the seucurekin location tracking tool on the target phone.


Cyberbullying, Haters, and trolls can break your child mentally and emotionally. 1 out of 3 kids becomes the victim of online bullying. Parents should invest in something and intervene when their child bullies.

Online predators

We all know that online predators are everywhere on the web and in your surrounding neighborhoods. So, you need to protect kids from stalkers, sex offenders, and child abusers by tracking their real-time location.

Explicit content

Location is necessary for young tweens when they want to get involved in inappropriate activity. So, keep a watchful eye on explicit activities, and you can use securekin other features that provide you info about activities on phones.

Drug abuse

Drug abuse is rising day by day among kids, and they don’t give their parents a clue that they are using drugs at hidden whereabouts and parties. Parents should track their live movements from one place to another.