Mobile parental control Features

We Claim a Safe & Secure Web of your kid's cell phones no matter what if using android and iPhones. Securekin features have the best parental controls that look after online activities. It measures screen-time; captures key logs, filter browsers, and let you watch browsing history.

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iPhone Parental Control Features

With SecureKin, you can monitor iPhones to perform parental monitoring of your kids. The application has a location history to trace kids who recently visited places via Maps. Mobile parental control gets the real-time location of your kid’s phones. It let you know where your kids are and where they have been today. Cellphone location history and live location keep parents updated. It gets kid’s location and hidden whereabouts when they are away from home. Parents can get web history to know websites children have visited on phone browsers. Phone parental controls access iPhone’s contact list to check added contact numbers.

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Android parental Monitoring Features

SecureKin is for setting parental control on kid’s mobile phones. The application guarantees you a safe and secure web for young kids. Kid’s online safety is the priority of phone parental control software. It has features that empower parents to help kids to find balance in their lives. It controls access to the web and provides parents real-time updates of the kid’s GPS location. SecureKin features can prevent kid’s access inappropriate content by filtering the web browsers. Parents can get activity reports of kids on android devices, block apps, and capture keystrokes. Mobile parental app record screen time and monitor browser history on your child’s phone. It builds a protective shield around your kids to protect them from online predators and excessive use of phones.

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