What is Cyber Bullying?

Cyberbullying is an act that happens via online communication tools. The use of the internet and phones are enough to humiliate, and scare back and forth. The victims are more likely to face cyberbullying via verbal and non-verbal communication. It could be text messages, instant messaging, sharing of nudes on social media platforms. People also bullied kids via false rumors about someone.

Do you want to know your child is the victim of online bullying? Don’t let anyone make your child a victim repeatedly, and teach your child how to cope with this kind of behavior online. Parents should take cyberbullying seriously to protect kids online.

How to counter cyber bullies to protect your child?

It is difficult for parents to know that someone has repeatedly bullied their child. You may want to counter or catch the online predator red-handedly, but you need to teach your child how to defuse the situation. You can guide your kid on to protect themselves and what efforts can make your child secure forever.

Most kids don’t take teasing as bullying, and kids also feel shy to discuss the incidents with their parents. So, guide your child on how it is necessary to know about digital behavior before they start interacting with someone online via cell phone or social network.

Help your child not to spend too much time on the computer or mobile screen

Teach your child don’t respond to text messages and random messages of strangers

Block all those accounts that used to send kids random messages, nudes, and abusive messages

Make a strong bond between you and your child at any cost

Disconnect the cell phone device or logout social network


Don’t bother to answer any humiliating activity they receive


Discuss your worry with your best friend


Save a chat of an online bully


Talk to your parents about it


Teach your kids to act fast on the following steps if someone is trying to bully them online:

If someone is trying to Bully them online

Are you fed up with all the manual issues and struggling to safeguard your kids? Don’t you worry! You can use a parental control application secureKin.

Is SecureKin effective for parents to prevent kids from cyberbullying?

Forget about cyberbullying anymore. Use secureKin parental control on your kid’s cell phone and keep tracking every activity of your child on your cell phone. The parental monitoring software empowers you to protect kids from the following:


Cyberbullying, Haters, and trolls can break your child mentally and emotionally. 1 out of 3 kids becomes the victim of online bullying. Parents should invest in something and intervene when their child bullies.

Online predators

We all know that online predators are everywhere on the web and in your surrounding neighborhoods. So, you need to protect kids from stalkers, sex offenders, and child abusers by tracking their real-time location.

Explicit content

Location is necessary for young tweens when they want to get involved in inappropriate activity. So, keep a watchful eye on explicit activities, and you can use securekin other features that provide you info about activities on phones.

Drug abuse

Drug abuse is rising day by day among kids, and they don’t give their parents a clue that they are using drugs at hidden whereabouts and parties. Parents should track their live movements from one place to another.

Securekin has many features that you can use on your cell phone and track real-time location, block inappropriate apps, and monitor browsing history. Parents can get activity reports, measure screen-time, location history, and key logger. Every feature has significance and provides insight into online activity.